Mike says he and his girlfriend, Keirsten, have anger issues that lead to physical fights between them, sometimes leaving him in fear of her.

“Keirsten has been aggressive towards me. There’s been hitting, kicking, punching. She can go from zero to 100,” Mike claims. “Keirsten is in the military. I’m very afraid of what she could do to me, being that she’s trained on how to fight.”

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Mike admits that he has hit Keirsten but says it is in self-defense.

“The first battery charge I was charged with, I don’t believe she was a victim at all. I was a victim. She punched multiple times. She kicked me. I had my nose bleeding. I do feel like I hit her to calm her down,” Mike says. He claims that Keirsten had a little bruise and a couple of scratches, but pictures she provided producers showed more damage, which he says he questions. “I do believe that she did some self-infliction to get me in trouble. The police charged me with domestic battery. I do not feel like that was justified.”

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Keirsten admits that she has punched Mike but claims he punches her and sent her to the hospital four times because of his abuse.

“I don’t dispute what I’ve done,” Mike says to Dr. Phil in the video above. “I’ve done some things [when] the anger got the best of me.”

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“How does that give you the right to hit her, punch her, twist her arm behind her back, impose your will upon her?” Dr. Phil asks.

“It doesn’t give me any right. I don’t know what comes over me,” Mike replies.

Watch more in the video above. And, on Monday's episode, see what Dr. Phil tells Mike and Keirsten he believes they must do in order to have a chance to save their relationship. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'You Don’t Ever, Never, Ever, Put Your Hands On A Woman In Anger'