Anna’s family says they’re convinced that “Sammie Lee Strong,” the man she calls her online “boyfriend,” is a catfish who has conned her out of tens of thousands of dollars.

In Beirut, Lebanon, a man named Khaled is identified as the person whose images “Sammie” has been sending to Anna for years. Insisting that he has nothing to do with the alleged catfish, doesn’t know Anna, and hasn’t received any money from her, Khaled claims his personal photos have been stolen from his Facebook account. But the international investigation doesn’t end there.

In England, Samantha, who says she has met Khaled in-person multiple times, claims that he’s talked her out of about £2,000.

“She is my friend,” says Khaled, who admits to knowing Samantha, but denies he ever conned her.

Watch part two of this three-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday to hear Khaled’s response when Kathy, who runs a worldwide scammer alert webpage from her home in the Canary Islands, accuses him of allegedly training Nigerian boys to use his pictures to prey on women around the world.

Then, on Thursday’s conclusion, is Anna ready to accept that “Sammie” isn’t real? Plus, get an update on what happened to past Dr. Phil guests who say their lives and finances were turned upside down by catfish.

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If you believe you have been the victim of an internet love scam, visit the FBI’s special website:

WATCH: Man Claims Alleged Catfish ‘Has Stolen All My Pictures’

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