Steve has been accused of sexually abusing his daughter and stepdaughters. His stepdaughters claim the abuse started shortly after he married their mom and continued for years. His daughter says he inappropriately kissed her at 8 -- a claim he denies -- and by the time she was 10, she had no more contact with him.

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After taking a plea which did not require him to admit wrongdoing, Steve was convicted of sexual abuse and had to register as a sex offender – but he adamantly denies either sexually or physically abusing the women and says he has evidence to prove it. He says he believes his ex-wife, upset that he was ending their marriage, brainwashed his stepdaughters to lie about being abused.

WATCH: Man Says Evidence Proves Ex-Wife Brainwashed Daughters To Accuse Him Of Sexual Abuse

Desperate to clear his name, Steve agrees to take a polygraph exam. In the video above, he receives the results. How do he and his daughters react?

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