AJ’s family says he’s been spiraling out of control since finding his 81-year-old grandmother beaten and dying after a home invasion eight years ago. Claiming he refuses to work, self-medicates with marijuana, is verbally abusive and depends on his mother, Elaine, financially, they assert AJ is endangering his 4-year-old son with his behaviors.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

“The last time I saw him he hadn’t bathed for three days,” says Elaine of her grandson, claiming AJ told her he hadn’t bathed the child because he was tired and didn’t feel good. “He literally reeked of marijuana,” adds AJ’s stepfather, Ric.

Elaine also claims AJ once left the boy unattended for nearly 19 hours, when he was sick. “I’m worried about the wellbeing of my grandson,” she says.

AJ, who says he suffers from depression and has been diagnosed with both PTSD and Intermittent Explosive Disorder, denies his mother’s claims. Claiming that if someone tried to take his son away, he’d end up in a “bad place,” he says, “He’s the only source of love I feel I have these days.”

AJ says he’s tried therapy and medication for his PTSD, but claims they didn’t work.

What does Dr. Phil tell him when he says the only thing that helps him is smoking marijuana?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

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