Danuta says she will do anything to protect her children from their father, John, who she claims is a sexual predator who molested their kids. “In the final judgment for the dissolution of marriage, he was found to be dangerous to the children’s physical, mental and emotional health,” she claims.

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John vehemently denies sexually abusing his children. He claims Danuta is a pathological liar who is alienating him from his son and daughter.

“My ex-wife is so crazy that she would rather see our kids living in foster care instead of them living with me,” he says, claiming his children only say he molested them because that’s what Danuta told them happened.

What evidence does Danuta claim she has proving John sexually assaulted their children? And, what is her response, when, after listening to an audio recording of her son, Dr. Phil asks, “Why is that tape so heavily edited?”

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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