Charlie Buck says he had it all: a beautiful wife of 23 years, his own business, a big house on the water, and a volunteer job as a firefighter. But Buck's world was rocked in 2002 when his wife, Leslie, was kidnapped by his friend and former employee. Leslie escaped, and then two days later she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their Mystic, CT home. Seven years later, Buck was arrested and charged with her murder, but he was acquitted in 2010 after spending 20 months in jail.

"As I look at this picture of Leslie, I miss her with every breath that I take," says Buck in the video above, as he describes finding his wife in their home with no pulse.

When his wife was alive, he became friends with a bartender named Carolyn, whom he lavished with gifts for her and her kids that he says his wife did not know about. Despite rumors in their community and a media frenzy about their relationship, Buck and Carolyn both say they were not having an affair.

"Charlie was very sympathetic," says Carolyn. "He was very attentive. I felt as if Charlie was an angel ... He gave me a necklace full of diamonds. I think it was worth $100,000 ... I'm thinking the guy is a billionaire, millionaire, whatever. I did not feel guilty accepting gifts because he was going to be my husband."

The couple got married, but Carolyn had the marriage annulled after six months.

It's been nearly three years since they have seen each other, and now, they each turn to Dr. Phil amid new accusations against Carolyn.

"I'm tired of this. I want to clear my name," says Carolyn, who was charged with second-degree larceny.