Cameron says he’s addicted to heroin and even sells drugs to get money to get high. He says he doesn’t have many enemies, but usually keeps a firearm on him.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Has life gone from total success to complete mess?
In an interview with a Dr. Phil producer, Cameron makes a confession. 

“I stabbed somebody,” the 26-year-old admits. “It was over that AK and the pound of weed he robbed.”

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Hear more in the video above. And, Cameron’s parents, Bobby and Renna, react to Cameron’s confession. Plus, Dr. Phil has strong words for Renna, who Bobby accuses of enabling their son.
“You’re doing what you’re doing to make you feel better,” Dr. Phil says. “That’s the ugly truth.”
On Wednesday’s episode, Cameron describes what a day in his life is like. Is he ready to change his life? Check here to see where you can watch.