Deena’s live-in boyfriend, Tony, says he doesn’t trust her 18-year-old daughter, Karenna, and won’t let her move back into his home until she breaks off her relationship with her former boyfriend, Tommie.

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“He acts like he’s some kind of gangster,” says Tony, who claims that Tommie is a “wannabe thug and a liar.” Tony claims that Tommie and Karenna are a bad influence on his children and admits he doesn’t want Karenna to move back in at all.

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Deena says she kicked Karenna out of the house after Karenna stole money from her. She admits she and her daughter have had problems since Karenna was 13 and claims that Tommie has only made the situation worse.

Karenna says that after Deena kicked her out, she started sleeping in her car and Tommie was the only person she could rely on. Karenna claims that Deena has always put the men she dates over her. She says she feels like the “odd one out.”

When Karenna says, “So why am I going to want to be at home when I don’t even feel like I’m wanted there?” how does Deena respond?

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