Niki admits she is homeless, eight months pregnant and addicted to heroin. She says she shoots up several times a day, alongside her boyfriend, Jessey.

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When Jessey first met Niki, he says he didn’t use drugs at all. In the video above, Jessey says “I was hoping if I started doing heroin that Niki would feel bad and she would stop using.” But Jessey says that didn’t work, and now he’s addicted too.

Jessey says it was his choice to start using, but Niki says she feels responsible, “like I pretty much took away everything he had.”

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The couple acknowledges that their heroin habit costs between $400 - $450 a day. And with no jobs and no home, Jessey tells Dr. Phil, “I have to do - bad things - just to get the money. And Niki has to prostitute herself.”

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Watch the full show on Thursday to hear Jessey and Niki talk about the lengths to which they've gone to get money for drugs. Later, can Dr. Phil convince Niki to accept help for her addiction before her baby is born? Tune in on Thursday for the conclusion of this powerful two-part Dr. Phil.

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Pregnant Heroin Addict Says 'I’d Rather Feed My Drug Habit Than My Unborn Child'