Dennis and Melissa have been dating for eight years, and both admit that their relationship has become volatile at times.

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“I have been mean to Melissa in the past,” Dennis admits. “I am not a physical abuser; I am a mental and emotional abuser. I will call her names to hurt her, and I told her I would never in my life marry somebody like her.”

Melissa says that she blames herself for Dennis’ behavior. “I want to learn and change so Dennis will stay with me,” she says.

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Dennis’ daughter Amanda says she believes Dennis and Melissa are in a toxic relationship and that Melissa needs to leave him.

“I believe my father has mentally broken down Melissa so that she cannot do anything without him,” Amanda says.

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more about their relationship, including why Dennis says he behaves as he does. And on Wednesday, another woman wants to confront Dennis. Check here to see where you can watch.

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