Richard admits he has physically abused his girlfriend, Jourdon, and that he gets gratification from abusing her.

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“I have knocked her out. When I grew tired of using my hands, I used my feet,” Richard says. “When Jourdon is taking the beating from me, I feed off of that. It’s almost like I’m a vicious lion attacking a poor zebra. Jourdon is a superhero. She can take the pain, the licks and get up.”

“Richard has told me numerous times that he’s going to kill me,” Jourdon says. She claims that if he doesn’t get his way, Richard will hit and bite her, and has given her bruised ribs and black eyes. She also claims that Richard tried to drown her at the beach and that he attempted to stab her, but she blocked him. “Richard had beaten me so bad that he sent me to a hotel for two weeks. I was not allowed to leave at all,” Jourdon continues. “He needs to work on his anger, but I think I can fix Richard.”

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Richard admits that he is addicted to abusing Jourdon and fears what may happen. “Jourdon’s not safe. There’s going to be a funeral,” he says.

In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Richard says he blames Jourdon for triggering his abuse. And on Friday, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for this couple. Check here to see where you can watch.

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