Nick says he’s spent between $60,000 and $70,000 building his image as the murder-rapping horrorcore clown, he calls King Krimzon. He says he borrowed the money from his wife, Melissa, but she claims he stole it, using her credit cards without her knowledge or consent.

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Nick admits he financed his King Krimzon persona as well as a monster-making business in part, by taking out student loans. He says, “I never intended to go to classes because it is really important for me to focus on being King Krimzon.”

“Nick doesn’t seem to care about the future,” says his mother-in-law, Linda. “He keeps betting on one day that he’s gonna be a big rapper. Nick is never gonna make it big, and he is never gonna be cool,” she says.

Because Nick doesn’t work outside the home, Linda claims she helps to support him, her daughter, Melissa, and their 3-year-old son, Krimzon. “I have paid for their bill more times than I can count,” she claims.

Linda says she tells Nick that he has to “Grow up, be a man and support his family.” What does she say she’s advised Melissa to do if he doesn’t “straighten out”?

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