Maryann says that when she first met her boyfriend, Luis, he swept her off her feet and promised to take care of her with his millions of dollars. However, she says her fantasy was ruined six months later when she learned that Luis was still married and had a string of women with whom Maryann claims he was having affairs. She also claims that Luis was abusive toward her and that she shot him in the leg out of self-defense, allegations that Luis denies.

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Luis denies cheating on Maryann until after she shot him. He claims he has women who are friends – but nothing more.

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So how does Luis explain going on two cruises with a female friend – one cruise he was supposed to take with Maryann -- and lying to Maryann about it? Hear his justification in the video above. And, hear from two other women in Luis’ life. What do they say?

Luis and Maryann say they love each other and want to get married. Does Dr. Phil think they should walk down the aisle or walk away from each other? Check here to see where you can watch Wednesday’s episode.

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