Carter says he’s been living a “double life” for years and was relieved when his wife, Nicole, found out about his affair with another man.

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“I wish she would have found out years ago, because this has been mentally exhausting,” he says.

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Nicole says, “If I hadn’t caught Carter in this affair, there’s not a chance he would have even admitted it.”

Carter claims he’s not pushing blame on Nicole for what he’s done, but says that Nicole’s battle with alcohol dependence has put a huge strain on their marriage over the years and that he’s considered leaving her.

Nicole says she understands why Carter didn’t want to deal with her drinking anymore, but, she says, “It gave him an excuse to lead a double life.”

Nicole says she was sober for 18-months before finding out about Carter’s affair, and then she went on a three-day drinking binge.

And later, when Dr. Phil refers her to New Method Wellness for support, does she accept the offer?

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