Robert says after getting divorced from his wife of 40 years, he has been talking to women online. He says there are currently five women that he has a “strong interest” in, and he spends six hours a day online communicating with them. 

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He says he’s looking for an attractive, smart, funny, adventurous woman with a good sense of humor and Christian beliefs – and he says he believes he’s found that in “Sophie Preston,” whom he’s been communicating with for two years.
Watch the video above to learn about “Sophie Preston,” who Robert says is a mute fashion designer and currently homeless, as she’s waiting for her $5 million inheritance from her father that is tied up with a Nigerian company.

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Robert’s ex-wife, Jeremi, claims he’s being scammed by these women he’s met online. What does Dr. Phil uncover on Tuesday’s episode? And, on Wednesday, see what is revealed when Dr. Phil goes across the country to investigate what Robert has been told about these women. Check here to see where you can watch.