Amy claims her ex-husband, Doug, is jealous, controlling, cheated on her with someone half his age, and took out loans in her name without informing her. She says Doug paid back some of the loans, but still owes about $30,000, which she claims he’s refusing to pay back and using to control her financially.

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“He wants me to call and take care of this,” she says, adding, “I’m not. I’m not owning it.”

Doug, who admits he wasn’t a good husband to Amy, adamantly denies trying to control her. He says that at the time he took out the loans, “My back was against the wall and I was afraid to go to Amy and talk to her about it.”

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Doug says he wants Amy to give their relationship another chance, but Amy says it’s over. How does Doug respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Why should she trust you and reconcile with you?”

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