Chad claims his ex-wife, Stacie, is influencing their teen daughters to erase him from their lives. He claims Stacie is dragging the girls into their arguments and that co-parenting with her “sucks.”

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“The last time I saw my daughters was eight months ago on their birthday weekend. We had a blowout that night. They told me that their stepdad was more like their real dad, and that’s what really set me off,” Chad says. “My daughters have blocked me on multiple social media platforms. My daughters have made this decision based on input from their mom and from their stepdad.”

Stacie says it’s the twins themselves who don’t want a relationship with Chad.

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“My relationship with my daughters is broken, and I feel that it’s everyone’s fault,” Chad says.

In the video above, hear some of the other accusations Chad has made about Stacie’s behavior. How does she respond? And how does Chad explain his behavior toward Stacie?

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when one of Chad’s daughters makes a plea to him. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Father Reacts To Hearing Daughters Say Their Stepdad Is More Of A Father To Them Than He Is