Jenaye says she was devastated when she discovered her husband, James, was cheating on her. James claims that Jenaye is partially to blame for his stepping outside their marriage and says that if they were having more sex at home, he would have never been unfaithful to Jenaye.

“I didn’t just go out and cheat because I wanted to go cheat,” says James. “There are things that led up to it.”

Jenaye says, “It’s not like he wasn’t getting sex. It’s just not the sex he wanted.”

James insists he loves Jenaye and wants to save their marriage. “She’s been the best part of my life, and I don’t want to lose her,” he says. He claims that the other women meant nothing to him and admits to manipulating them for sex.

Jenaye claims that ever since a video she made about James’s infidelity went viral, his former hairstylist Chelsey – whom he slept with on their fifth wedding anniversary – has been creating more drama in their lives – something Chelsey vehemently denies.

Watch the recap of part one of this two-part episode, ‘“My Husband’s Cheating Went Viral,”’ above, then tune in for the conclusion, ‘“The Husband, The Wife and The Mistress,”’ on Friday, when Jenaye comes face-to-face for the first time with when Chelsey. Why is Chelsey claiming that Jenaye is trying to ruin her life?

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