AJ was diagnosed with PTSD after the death of his grandmother following a home invasion eight years ago, but his mother, Elaine, and stepfather, Ric, claim the 32-year-old is using his diagnosis as an excuse for behaving badly. They say AJ won’t get a job, expects them to pay his rent, buy his groceries and take care of his child.

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Claiming AJ is verbally abusive, Elaine says, “I think it’s, he feels like that if he gets angry with me and calls me those names and stuff, I’m going to break and I’m going to do what he wants me to do and sometimes that does happen.”

“He constantly badgers her, calling her on the phone at all hours of the night if he needs something,” says Ric. “It’s like – Why can’t you figure out how to do for yourself?”

The couple claims AJ neglects his 4-year-old son, is volatile, refuses to seek treatment and uses marijuana to self-medicate.

Why does AJ say his family can’t understand what he’s been through and doesn’t support him?

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Unemployed Man With PTSD Claims Family Doesn’t Support Him – But Mom Says She Pays All The Bills