Nino says his mother, Anna, is being taken advantage of by someone who calls himself “Sammie Lee Strong,” a self-proclaimed American millionaire who claims to be “stuck” in a detention center in Nigeria for failing to pay his taxes.

Anna says that when she and “Sammie” met online three years ago, he told her he was living in Atlanta, Georgia, but when Dr. Phil sends a producer to check out his claims, no one from the neighborhood he claimed to have lived in recognizes him in his photograph.

Now the investigation into “Sammie Lee Strong” moves overseas. In Beirut, Lebanon, a man named Khaled is identified as the person behind the images “Sammie” has been sending to Anna for years.

“I never know Anna,” says Khaled, adding, “I hope to know who is this guy. He has stolen all my pictures.”

Khaled insists he has nothing to do with the alleged catfish, “Sammie Lee Strong,” and that he is a victim too.

Part two of this three-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

If you believe you have been the victim of an internet love scam, visit the FBI’s special website:

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