Ian and Jessica’s two children were removed from their care in 2019. The couple, who have been on and off for years, claim they’ve done everything Child Protective Services has required of them. Still, they claim the agency is using Jessica’s emotional volatility and drug use, as well as Ian’s anger issues and the pair’s past physical altercations against them.

Ian’s younger brother, Jeremy, says he doesn’t feel that Jessica and Ian are good for one another. “Ian and Jessica are good parents, but they’re just not good partners for each other,” he says.

Jeremy says that Ian is out of work, has an unstable home-life, and that in addition to the two children he and Jessica share, Ian has three other children by three other women.

“At this moment, I don’t think Ian or Jessica are stable or mature enough to get their kids back from the foster system,” says Jeremy in the video above.

Tune in to Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "We Deserve Our Kids Back, Why Won’t CPS Agree?" to hear what Dr. Phil says the couple must be able to demonstrate to Child Protective Services before their children can come home.

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