“My dad absolutely kidnapped me and held me hostage,” claims Jorell about his father, Peter. “This was an attempt to get me back in the Mormon Church, away from marijuana.”

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“Peter called me and told me that God told him that Jorell was in a cannabis-induced psychosis,” claims Tricia, Jorell’s wife. “He diagnosed Jorell off snippets of behavior, feelings and a prayer to God. And he has no medical degree … I think my father-in-law is nuts.”

Peter denies kidnapping Jorell and holding him hostage. Peter claims he was told his son was acting “very strange” and that he was looking out for Jorell’s best interest.

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Jorell claims Peter had him taken to his 34-acre property where Jorell says he is building a “compound” in preparation for the end of the world. He claims his father kept him there for three nights – and wouldn’t let him speak with his wife or children – before involuntarily committing him to a psychiatric ward.

“I told my entire story to the police, and I am pressing charges against my dad – for kidnapping, grand theft and unlawful use of a vehicle,” Jorell says. “I totally feel my dad has gone off the deep end.”

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