Katie and Dan claim that their deceased daughter, Samantha’s, boyfriend, Jonathon, is more concerned with profiting from her death than he is over the loss of their daughter. They claim he asked for $500 after accusing them of taking his property out of the home he shared with Samantha and then told them he would hold their daughter’s college tuition refund check until they returned Samantha’s things to him.

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Jonathon claims Katie and Dan “ransacked” his home after Samantha died, taking property that he says belongs to him. “They only took things that were worth money,” claims Jonathon.

“We did not come to collect our daughter’s things that day. We came to bring our daughter home,” says Katie. “We did not take anything that day of any value – because there wasn’t anything.”

“I understand that your goal here was not to get anything from this show, was not to seek any help - Your goal here was to continue your vendetta against me,” says Jonathon to Dan and Katie. “But I’m not going to sit here and let the facts be taken out of context.”

Why is Jonathon accusing Samantha’s parents of trying to “smear” his reputation?

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