John says he had cystic acne, back pain, and chronic fatigue until he began eating raw animal products about a year and a half ago. “I tried plant-based for quite a long time – a few years – and that either made the problems stay the same or slowly get worse,” he says.

John claims his mental and physical health has improved drastically since his change in diet and posts videos and blogs about it on social media @RawMeatExperiment.

“I try to repeat many times that you don’t have to do this to be healthy – it’s working for me at this time,” says John. Why does he say he’s not worried about getting sick from eating raw animal products?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Dangerous Diet Crazes?” airs Tuesday. And later, David Nazarian, M.D., a physician at My Concierge MD in Beverly Hills, weighs in on the potential hazards associated with eating a raw animal products diet.

Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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