Steve and his fiancée, Jen, claim his ex-girlfriend, Robyn, is a drama queen.

“Robyn is turning my life into a living hell,” Steve says.

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Steve says he dated Robyn many years ago, and they had a daughter, Alyssa, who is now 12 years old. Steve says he didn’t have any contact with Alyssa for five years and when he tried to see his daughter, he claims Robyn made it difficult.

“Robyn said that the only way that Steven could see his daughter is if he paid her $1,000,” Jen claims.

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Steve says that he and Robyn went to court and he was allowed to spend every other weekend with his daughter. “Having Alyssa back in my life, it was great,” he says.

But Steve claims his “entire world came crashing down” one year ago.

“My daughter accused me of videotaping her while she was in the shower,” Steve says. “I would never do something like that.”

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Steve and Jen say police and Child Protective Services showed up at their home. Then, they say, they showed up a few months later because Alyssa accused Steve of touching her inappropriately while she was sleeping. An full investigation was conducted, and no charges were filed.

The couple says they believe Robyn is behind Alyssa’s allegations and they claim she coached Alyssa to say he sexually abused her.

“Robyn is trying to shake me down. It’s always about money,” Steve says. “Robyn was causing so much drama that I felt I shouldn’t have to pay child support. If I had it my way, I would never pay child support for Alyssa again. Why would I want to give money to someone that is lying and trying to put me in prison?”

Robyn denies Steve's allegations that she coached their daughter. She claims that Steve is a "deadbeat" dad who is just trying to avoid financial responsibility.

Now, Steve says he doesn’t want anything to do with his daughter. “I want to know how can I go about never seeing my daughter or my ex-girlfriend again,” Steve says.

On Thursday’s episode, hear more from Robyn. And, what does Dr. Phil say these parents must do for the sake of Alyssa? Check here to see where you can watch.

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