Dan claims his ex-wife, Gina, set out to destroy him after he broke up with her years ago, by making up claims that he sexually molested their then 2-year-old daughter, Alexis, claims which Dan vehemently denies.


“She wasn’t letting me see my kids, so I took her to court. That’s when she said, ‘Oh, by the way, he’s molesting his daughter,’” claims Dan, who is adamant that he has never touched his daughter inappropriately. “To hear those words come out of her mouth, when everyone’s looking at you, it makes you want to crawl underneath a rock and just die. She decided she would use the kids as pawns to hurt me.”

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Gina acknowledges that she claimed that when Alexis was 2 ½, Alexis allegedly told Gina that her dad “gave her owies in her [private parts.]” She says she went to the police but, “There was no physical evidence, so they said it was his word against hers.” She says she still believes her daughter.


“The accusations completely destroyed my relationship with my daughter,” Dan says. “I waited for the last 15 years to clear my name, a chance to let my daughter know that I’m not the monster her mother has portrayed me to be, a chance to start healing our relationship and be in her life.” 


In the video above, Dan reveals what he says he says he thinks Gina’s motive may have been for claiming he abused his daughter. On Wednesday’s episode, Dan takes a polygraph. Will it help clear his name? Check here to see where you can watch.