“My ex-girlfriend, Laurie-Ann, is stalking my fiancée, Alison and I,” Michael claims. “Laurie-Ann has contacted my family, my fiancée’s family, in order to harass us, and it needs to stop. Laurie-Ann has even gone as far as to tell people that I’ve sexually abused her and held her hostage for seven years.”

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Michael claims Laurie-Ann started making false accusations against him after he broke up with her and met Alison. “Laurie-Ann started to cry and said, ‘I thought there was still something between us,’” Michael says.

Laurie-Ann, however, says Michael is a dangerous narcissist who held her hostage for seven years.

“Nobody held Laurie-Ann hostage, nobody raped Laurie-Ann,” Michael says. “The judge threw these matters out of court, but she keeps coming back.”

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In the video above, Michael shares how he believes Laurie-Ann has been stalking him and Alison. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when the exes come face-to-face. And, hear Dr. Phil’s advice. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Says Fiancé’s Ex-Girlfriend Is A ‘Total Nightmare’