Geddy claims that his ex Angela is a vindictive, jilted ex-lover who is obsessed with him and using their innocent son to make his life a living hell. He says she has accused him of abusing and sexually molesting their son, which he adamantly denies, and says that he believes Angela is coaching their son to make up lies about him.

“Angela is coaching my son to say bad things about me and putting a negative image of me inside his head,” Geddy says.

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However, Angela says she’s convinced that Geddy has abused their child and denies coaching their son.

“One time, my son was touching himself in a very inappropriate way that children wouldn’t know how to do unless they were shown how to do or it was done to them. I said, ‘Baby, who touches you like that?’ And he said, ‘My daddy,’” Angela claims. “Geddy knows the only way he can hurt me is to hurt our son. Geddy is abusing and molesting our son. When my son comes home from his father’s house for the overnight visits, he’s covered in bruises.”

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“I think that that’s complete [expletive]. I don’t think that that ever happened. I think that that’s all just a figment of her imagination,” Geddy says. “Angela has repeatedly said that if I sign over my rights, that this will all go away. She’s lying just to try to get to me. These allegations are beyond crossing the line.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil implores the exes to change their behavior for the sake of their son. And, Geddy agrees to take a polygraph -- see what the results reveal. Watch more here.