Brandon calls his ex-girlfriend Danielle “hateful, spiteful, antagonistic and a malicious human being” and says she is a terrible mother who constantly makes false allegations against him.

“There is no limit to what Danielle will do to terrorize me and my family. She has no shame,” says Brandon, claiming that Danielle tried to ruin his wedding to his wife Desiree.

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“When Brandon and I were getting married, we asked Danielle if her daughter could be a flower girl. Danielle said, ‘Over my dead body,’” says Desiree.

Brandon and Danielle had to get a court order so that his 10-year-old daughter could attend.

Desiree claims that out of revenge, Danielle called CPS on her and Brandon.

“Out of nowhere, CPS showed up at our front door. A social worker interviewed Brandon, myself and my bridal party,” Desiree recalls. “I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was humiliating.”

Danielle refutes Desiree’s claims and says that a few days before the wedding, Brandon called to inform her that their daughter had an egg-size bump on her head but he refused to take her to the doctor, so she says she was forced to call CPS to ensure her daughter was OK.

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Brandon and Desiree claim Danielle’s interference did not end there. They say she called the police to show up at the airport when their daughter arrived back from the wedding.

Danielle explains her version of what happened: “When I spoke to my daughter, she sounded very exhausted and dehydrated. Being cautious, I felt like I had to do that.”

Brandon and Desiree turn to Dr. Phil for help.

“I am sick and tired of all of Danielle’s nonsense,” Desiree says.

How does Danielle explain her behavior? And on Monday’s episode, hear what happened when Danielle had the Sheriff go to Brandon’s house. And on Tuesday, why did Danielle call poison control when she learned Brandon gave their daughter a sports drink? Can this couple come together for the sake of their daughter? Check here to see where you can watch.