“My ex-wife, Jessica, believes she’s going blind and there’s nothing anyone can do about it,” says Jonathan, who claims Jessica is “obsessed with her list of medical issues.”

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He says that during their eight-year marriage, Jessica has been to 25 different doctors, claiming they don’t listen to her. Jonathan claims she has taken over 900 pictures of her eyes to prove they’ve shifted, despite doctors telling her there’s nothing wrong with her.

“Jessica’s blind episodes happen randomly and last up to 30 minutes,” Jonathan says. “Jessica will rock back and forth and walk in circles up to half-an-hour to ease the pain. Jessica will wake up and stay up for two hours straight crying, telling me how much her head and eyes hurt and no one understands.”

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Jonathan claims Jessica’s personality has changed -- she decided to divorce him "out of the blue" -- and now he fears for the safety of their children.

“My 7-year-old son has come to me and says, ‘Mom is sitting around holding her hands over her eyes, and that’s not just her, and it scares me,’” Jonathan says, turning to Dr. Phil for help. “She used to be a loving and present mother. Now our children even say they don’t want to be around her. They want their old mom back … Our children are terrified of their own mother.”

On Monday’s episode, hear from Jessica. How does she explain her symptoms and behavior? Can Dr. Phil help bring this family back together? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Claims Ex-Daughter-In-Law Who Believes She’s Going Blind ‘Wants Attention’