Brian claims his ex-wife, Elizabeth, is an unfit and unstable mother. He says he had custody of their 14-year-old until 2015, when he claims Elizabeth conspired with two of his ex-girlfriends to file false charges against him.

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Brian says now that Elizabeth has physical custody of the boy, she is making it difficult for Brian to see him.

“You says she’s obstructing access to your son?” Dr. Phil asks.

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“One hundred percent. Without question she’s doing that and has been,” Brian replies, explaining that Elizabeth blocked his number so he couldn’t call his son. “I’m supposed to have unlimited access on the phone with him, but she doesn’t allow that. It’s sporadic.”

In the video above, see a text message exchange between Brian and Elizabeth regarding Brian’s ability to contact their son. How does Elizabeth explain her behavior?

Can these parents learn to put their child first and co-parent in peace? See what happens on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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The Concerning Conversation A Father Had With His Teen Son About His Mother