Christina claims she left her ex-husband, Jim, eight years ago because of emotional, sexual and financial neglect. “I do not regret leaving Jim, but I never intended to leave my daughter with him permanently,” says Christina, of her then 13-year-old child, Tara.

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Christina claims Jim has been a “horrible example” for their daughter, allowing her to drop out of school, work as an exotic dancer, and most recently, perform as a webcam entertainer. She claims his bad parenting is the reason Tara suffers from severe social anxiety.

Jim denies Christina’s claims and insists he’s been a good parent to Tara.

“You’re only there when she’s in a good mood. I’m there all the time,” he tells Christina, on Friday’s Dr. Phil. Jim claims Tara’s emotional issues stem from being abandoned by her when they divorced, which Christina denies.

Tara says she’s often nervous and angry. She says when her mother left, “I felt empty and alone and really confused." She says she doesn’t understand why Christina left her behind and still holds resentment toward her. “Feeling alone and abandoned amplifies these problems, whatever they are that I’m dealing with,” she says.

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