“My ex-wife Christy is constantly harassing and stalking me,” claims Mike. “My ex-wife is lurking outside my house, calling the sheriff’s department over, waking us up – just really causing us havoc.”

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Mike, who has been divorced from Christy for 15 years and shares a 16-year-old son with her, claims she’s sabotaged previous relationships of his but that things escalated when he got engaged to Julia.

“She’s blown my phone up with messages saying that I’m a loser father, I’m a punk, I’m stupid – just being downright nasty,” Mike says.

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“The situation with Christy has gotten completely out of control. Christy will show up to the house at random hours of the night,” Julia adds. “I don’t know what Christy is capable of. I just don’t feel safe.”
Christy adamantly denies their allegations. In the video above, hear more about the situation.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Christy has to say about the situation. Check here to see where you can watch.