Tom says he is 100% convinced his fiancée, Teaka, is cheating on him. He claims Teaka has cheated with multiple men – including their mailman.
“Teaka is very sneaky. She’s very deceptive,” Tom claims. “My intuition is never wrong.”

So Tom says he set up cameras in their home to catch Teaka being unfaithful – and now says he has video evidence to prove it. “If all this evidence comes out and is conclusive, it’s a wrap. The relationship is over,” Tom says.
Tom says he is willing to entertain alternative explanations for what he claims to have seen on video. Hear part of his conversation with Dr. Phil in the video above.
On Monday’s episode, "'Is My Fiancée Cheating with the Mailman?!'" Teaka says she’s adamant she’s never cheated on Tom. Hear why she says she feels like a prisoner in their home. And, see what Tom says is his “smoking gun” evidence of Teaka’s infidelity. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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