Tiffany says when her fiancé, Marques, left her on their anniversary, she decided to post a video of him on TikTok.
“Marques told me that he had someone else, and that he was going to go be with them, and that he didn’t love me anymore,” Tiffany says. “I felt extremely sad, hurt, and embarrassed because I was planning our wedding.”

The video, which shows a fight between the couple and Tiffany claiming that Marques is a narcissist, has been viewed over 3 million times. After the post went viral, Tiffany admits she posted additional videos.
“Tiffany posted the TikTok because she thought I was going to leave her, and she wanted to humiliate me,” Marques claims. “She posted that TikTok with an agenda; the agenda was to embarrass me.”
Marques claims that Tiffany fabricated some of the content and left out important details from the videos she posted. Hear what he claims was going on between them while she was posting videos of him online in the video above.
See some of the videos Tiffany posted on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Public Shaming: My Fiancée Humiliated Me, and it Went Viral.'" Plus, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for the couple if they want to say “I do” instead of “goodbye.” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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