Engaged couple Arynn and Chandler say they’re more than $60,000 in debt before they even get married.

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Arynn, 21, says it’s all due to her spending habits. “My spending really started to spiral out of control last year,” she says, admitting she was spending up to $4,000 a month. “The majority of the money was spent on high-end makeup, clothes, and purses. This was hundreds of dollars at a time. Sometimes a thousand dollars in a week.”

Chandler says when he first met Arynn he had a decent job, and a new car and all his bills and credit cards were paid up. Now, he says “My credit is destroyed, and all of our money is going to creditors.”

Continuing, he says “She’s not only doing this to me, she’s doing this to herself.”

Why does Arynn claim she’s a shopping “junkie” who can’t stop spending? And what does Dr. Phil recommend this couple do to help get their finances back in order?   

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