Luis says on the night of January 23, 2016, his life “totally changed.” He says that after an argument with his girlfriend, Maryann, she shot at him twice, hitting him in the leg and leaving him permanently disfigured.

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“She was sitting right here with the weapon pointed at me. I saw the devil. I was about to get killed,” Luis claims of what happened when he walked into Maryann’s bedroom that fateful night. “I hear the first shot; that’s the one that hit me. So, I heard the second shot; it went over my head and it hit the wall. It would’ve been a head shot if I would’ve been a little bit more this way. That would’ve been a kill shot.”

At the time, Maryann was living with Luis and his wife. Maryann claims she shot him because she “snapped” after being verbally abused and cheated on numerous times by Luis – accusations he denies. The couple remains together and plans to get married.

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“Maryann has a sexual aroma about her that just draws me back in,” Luis says. “Even though we’re together, and I do love her, I can never forget that night, because I’m always going to carry the scars, and the surgery and the pain.”

Hear more of his story in the video above, and see what happens when he joins Maryann and Dr. Phil onstage. Is there hope for this relationship? See what Dr. Phil thinks on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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