Stephen claims he has a blank spot in his memory and can’t remember anything before the age of 21.

“I don’t remember much of high school, or who I hung out with or what I did,” he says. “I grew up in Orange County and I can’t tell you what house it was.”

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The father of five also claims he can’t remember the birth of his children.

His wife, Karla, with whom he has a strained relationship, says she used to believe that Stephen had “wiped out all of his memories,” but now she says she’s not so certain.

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“Steve and I have been seeing the same doctor for over 20 years. I asked him about Steve’s memory loss. The doctor looked at me and said that that kind of memory loss does not exist, and Steve’s lying,” Karla claims.

In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Stephen about his alleged memory loss. And, hear why Karla says she was not his first choice as a wife – something Stephen claims to not remember.

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Could there be an explanation for Stephen’s claim of memory loss? Dr. Phil shares his thoughts on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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