Sexy Vegan says he moved to Hollywood in 2016, acquired multiple tattoos, and now wears what he describes as a “Speedo-esque outfit” in public. He says he wants to star in his own reality show, and eventually become “the first American King.”

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is a Narcissist Ruining Your Life?

The 35-year-old, who had his name legally changed from Hans, says he regularly gets kicked out of stores and has been arrested multiple times. He also says he keeps a collection of mirrors because his image is very important to him.

“People lie and say I’m grotesquely ugly and so I’ll carry a mirror with me so I’ll look and see that I am drop dead gorgeous,” he says. Claiming people say he’s Narcissistic because he carries a mirror around with him wherever he goes, he says he doesn’t care, “Because I’m not - because I have empathy.”

Sexy’s mother, Susan, says she believes her son isn’t functioning in society and wants him to get help. His sister, Raquel, claims Susan enables her brother’s behaviors by giving him money, bailing him out of jail, and treating him like he’s disabled.

When Sexy appears on the Dr. Phil stage, what does he do that gets him removed by security?

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