Rick claims he got Lenard fired from his job for allegedly using his work computer to stalk and harass his family.  “They checked on Lenard’s computers and they found out that I wasn’t the only one that he was harassing. He actually had multiple restraining orders. After that, Lenard was fired and they actually filed a restraining order against him."

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Lenard denies Rick’s claim. He claims his employer found no evidence that he was using their equipment to stalk Rick or his children, “but they did choose to fire me because I had just caused too much commotion at work.”

The two men have been feuding for over six years. Lenard claims Rick has been stalking and harassing him ever since Lenard “called him out” online for allegedly being a child predator.

Do these men finally agree to disengage and leave one another alone? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. 

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