Carl, a former firefighter EMT, says he’s in the fight of his life due to numerous health issues. He claims he has been told that he has cancer and that his liver is “shot,” and that he’s had multiple heart attacks this year.

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“I take 380 units of insulin, which is approximately nine or 10 shots a day. My doctor told me that he’s never seen anyone take the amount of insulin that I take every day,” Carl says. “I have been in renal failure a couple of times because of my kidneys.”

Carl’s daughter, Hilary, and sister, Teri, however, claim that Carl is a liar and a con artist and that he is not sick but suffers from Munchausen syndrome.

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“My dad has been faking illnesses for 18 years. My father keeps himself sick on purpose,” Hilary claims.

“Carl’s told me multiple times that he’s dying,” Teri says. “He’s a manipulative, self-centered person and he has no feelings for what he does to anyone else.”

On Monday's episode, Dr. Phil asks Carl, “Are you a con man?” How does he respond? And, Dr. Phil attempts to determine what is causing Carl’s behavior and offers advice for getting his life back on track. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Dr. Phil Questions Man Who Claims He Has Multiple Illnesses But Family Claims Is A Liar