Sandy and Ava claim their biological parents, Frankie and Karen, “sold” several of their children into adoption between 1984 and 1993. Ava, who was Frankie and Karen’s youngest child, says she was raised by Frankie and his second wife, but Sandy, who was the first of the former couple’s children together, claims her adoptive parents paid $5,000 for her.

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Frankie categorically denies any involvement in the alleged adoption-for-money scheme. He claims Karen acted without his knowledge.

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When Dr. Phil asks Frankie how Karen could have placed any of their children for adoption without his consent, Frankie acknowledges he went to an adoption agency to sign a paper after their oldest daughter, Sandy, was born. He insists he didn’t know what he was signing.

“I had no idea she was being adopted,” claims Frankie in the video above.

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How does Frankie explain Karen giving up seven more of their children without his knowledge?

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