Bryan claims he’s been tortured by a “secret military technology” that uses electromagnetic frequencies in everyday objects for the past 13 years. He insists that this has caused him to experience ear-piercing tones and severe chest pain.

“It’s a means of surveillance to torture me,” claims the former auto-mechanic. He says he believes that among others, the police may be “targeting” him for a lifestyle that he used to live.

“They want me dead. I believe that’s their endgame,” he claims.

Bryan’s ex-wife, Fay, says she recently allowed him to move back in with her because she felt sorry for him. She says that Bryan spends his days combatting what he claims is “non-stop torment” by shutting off their refrigerator and either disabling or ripping out all electronics – including the electrical system in her car. Fay says she wants Bryan to get the help he needs – and get out of her home.

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WATCH: Man Claims He’s Being Systematically Tortured Via ‘Secret Technology’

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