Fay says she recently allowed her ex-husband, Bryan, to move back in with her but is ready to kick him out again.

“I would like him to get some help. I would like him to get out of the house for good,” she says, claiming that Bryan believes he is being systematically tortured via a “secret technology” that targets him through electromagnetic frequencies.

“He describes it as something electronic that goes through his body [and] messes with his mind,” she says.

Fay says Bryan spends his days combatting what he claims is “non-stop torment” by strategically placing magnets on his body and around their home, wearing plastic soda bottle rings on his fingers and toes, and ripping out all electronics – including the electrical system in her car.

“I hear the electronic noise inside my head,” says Bryan. He insists that everyday electronics are being used against him as torture devices. Who does Bryan claim is torturing him?

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