John claims he has always loved looking at gory crime scene photos, collecting pictures of corpses and says he recalls disturbing urges to torture, dismember and kill, from a young age.

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“When I was 12 years’ old there was a friend of mine, we were sitting in a lunchroom and I just spontaneously started to choke him, and a surge of power came over me,” he says, adding, “When I was 15, I would create my own death scene photos just out of people in magazines. I would smear blood on them.”

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Recounting another incident John claims happened when he was 25, he says, “There was this prostitute walking the streets in East Boston. I had a few drinks, decided to go out and see if I could find her. I brought a bag with me so, in my mind, it was logical to take her head back home with me, but, I never ran into her.”

He also admits to self-mutilation, and to holding a knife to the throat of the only “serious” girlfriend he ever had when she’d “ordered the wrong type of Chinese food.”

Although he says he’s been in therapy for years, John admits, “There’s a possibility I could snap and become something absolutely evil.”

Does he say he feels remorse for the things he claims he’s done?

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