Kimberly claims her sister Danielle’s boyfriend, Nick, is controlling and abusive, which the couple adamantly denies.

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Danielle says she’s been with him nearly 11 years, and although they sometimes argue, she’s “never called the police on Nick once.”

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Danielle’s son claims he’s witnessed Nick hit, grab, shove and shake his mother as well as throw things at her.

“There’s situations where he’s pulled out a knife and cut his own wrists to try and scare my mom into staying with him,” claims the 20-year-old who says he’s worried about Danielle’s safety.

Danielle adamantly denies it. She claims, “Every single sentence that came out of his mouth is something that my mother has drilled into him.”

Kimberly, who was granted custodial guardianship of the couple’s daughter in 2017, claims Nick is currently on probation for an altercation with her mother. Why does he say that wasn’t his fault?

Plus, how do he and Danielle explain a provocative personal ad featuring Danielle’s photos?

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