Peyton says that although he never married his daughter, Heather’s, mother, he and Valerie have always kept “tabs” on each other. He says that he and his wife, Samantha, try to look out for Valerie, who is homeless and alcohol-dependent because they fear she is knocking on death’s door.

“My wife and I make sure she’s still alive and that she’s not starving to death,” says Peyton. “I’m worried that she’s coming to the end of her time.”

Peyton says that Valerie’s alcoholism can make her volatile and claims that she only wants help on her terms. Watch the video above to hear why he says that Valerie uses being homeless “like a weapon” against those who care for her.

And later, Valerie has an older sister who stopped talking to her years ago. Watch Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?’” to hear why Michelle says she cut Valerie out of her life.

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WATCH: ‘My Mom Says It’s All My Fault That She’s Homeless,’ Says Daughter Of Woman Who Lives In A Tent

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