Jim says he and his ex-wife, Christina, separated eight years ago when their daughter, Tara, was just 13. “I wasn’t shocked when Christina left me because it wasn’t going well, and I knew she was frustrated. I just felt like she threw the towel in on being a mom, and a wife,” he says.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Huge family drama?

Jim claims Christina didn’t want full custody of their daughter and left him to raise Tara alone.

Christina says she hadn’t intended to leave Tara with Jim indefinitely, but Tara’s anger with her over leaving showed “in a very strong way,” that she wanted to stay with her father. She claims that Tara, who is now 21, has emotional rages, which she says sometimes makes it hard for her to be around.

Jim says Tara has severe social anxiety and until recently, worked out of their home as a webcam entertainer, so she didn’t have to “deal with people.” He claims he’s the only one who has always been there for his daughter.

Why does Christina claim that Jim doesn’t set a good example for Tara? Tune in to part one of a two-part Dr. Phil, airing Thursday.

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Huge family drama?

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