Marla and Marty say they divorced in 2013 after six kids and 28 years of marriage. Now each is claiming the other is in breach of their parenting agreement.

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“She always made the threats while we were married that if we ever divorced, I’d never see my kids, and I’d die a lonely man,” says Marty. He claims Marla refuses to let him have their 10-year-old son, David, for his scheduled parenting time.

“Marla is constantly making excuses why David can’t see us, why he can’t call us, why he can’t visit or talk to us,” claims Marty’s new wife, Jennifer.

Marla denies their claims, saying, “I’m not trying to keep my son from Marty and Jennifer. What they can’t understand is that he doesn’t want to go over there. If I mention to David about seeing his father, he refuses and says he’s not going.” She’s alleging that Marty and Jennifer stalk, harass and threaten her online.

Why does Marla claim that Marty and Jennifer are not safe for David to be around?

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