Erica’s parents, Suzanne and Guy, and her stepmother, Susan, say they don’t approve of her polyamorous relationship with her boyfriend, Chris, and another woman, Charnell. They claim that the poly lifestyle was forced on her and that Chris conned Erica into believing that he’s the ultimate “human leader” who can save her – and the world.

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“She listens and believes everything he says,” says Susan. “What scares me is, if he tells her to harm the children, I think she would say yes because she no longer thinks for herself.”

Erica and Chris have two children together; Charnell is currently pregnant with Chris’s child.

“Erica’s parents believe I’m a danger to my own children. It’s more of a danger for me not to be around my children,” says Chris on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

“It is easy for Erica’s parents to say that I’m brainwashing her when it’s been them who’ve been trying to brainwash Erica all her life,” says Chris. He claims he’s just a “teacher, role model and coach.”

Erica also denies that she’s been “brainwashed” by Chris. She claims he is teaching her to be a better mother, partner, and human being.

“My ideas are very important to the progression of humanity,” claims Chris insisting he has “the knowledge people need to hear.”

Why does Chris say he believes people like Erica’s parents have kept the world from being a better place?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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